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Terms and Conditions

    1. There is no charge to enter the Irish Tourism Industry Awards 2015
    2. All applications must be in English
    3. Applications must be uploaded by Monday 16th February 2015
    4. Entry to the 2015 Irish Tourism Industry Awards is open to all bona fide tourism businesses, entrepreneurs, visitor attractions, organisation and events, in Ireland or in overseas markets, operating during 2013 and/or 2014
    5. Only fully completed entries will be considered
    6. Entries to more than one category is permitted however each organisation must complete a PDF file for each category they enter
    7. Please name your pdf ‘organisation(space)categoryname.pdf’ e.g: mycompany bestinternationalmarketinginitiative.pdf
    8. Entries will only be accepted as a PDF file, each pdf uploaded must not exceed 10mb in size.
    9. Please ensure that all images are embedded in the PDF document, all videos and online material should be embedded as links only within the pdf. Please refer to the categories description and judging criteria you are entering when completing your PDF submission.
    10. Entries have to be submitted online and uploaded on this website using the form below.
    11. Applicants should contact Irish Tourism Industry Awards 2015 organisers on in regards to any questions they may have about the judging process.
    12. The Award applicants may not contact any individual members of the judging panel prior to the awards ceremony without the approval of the Judging Chairman. Written permission can be sought by completing the contact form on this website addressed to the Chair of the Judging Panel
    13. By applying for the Irish Tourism Industry Awards 2015, the applicant agrees that in the case of being selected as a winner, a company representative of appropriate level will attend the awards ceremony in the DoubleTree by Hilton.
    14. Closing date for nominations and submission of applications is Monday 16th February.

PLEASE NOTE: Closing date for nominations and submission has passed. Any applications received after this date will not be included.